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Divorce can be a painful and emotional process. In addition, it’s no easy task for a divorce lawyer. In fact, there’s a lot more for an attorney to consider if they’re representing a client in a divorce. They need to consider factors like child custody and child support. They need to wear many hats. In other words, a divorce lawyer also needs to be a child custody attorney and child support attorney. Additionally, a lawyer needs to be able to communicate with their clients. As a result, you may need a bilingual family law attorney for your case. Regardless of the family law services you need, if you need a firm in the Roscoe Village, IL area Villalobos and Associates should be your first choice.

At Villalobos and Associates, we’ve spent four decades serving the Roscoe Village community and the surrounding area. We have a skilled divorce lawyer, attorney Carlos Del Rio, on-staff. Attorney Del Rio specializes in family law. That makes him an experienced child custody attorney and child support attorney. So if you need a divorce lawyer in the Roscoe Village area, Villalobos an Associates can help. In addition, we provide legal services to the Lower West Side, Heart of Chicago, Lincoln Park, Pilsen, Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Humboldt Park, Lake View, and Bucktown.

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Child Custody Attorney

One of the things a divorce lawyer has to consider in many settlements is child custody. However, child custody cases are always difficult. It’s never easy to break up a family. As a result, a child custody attorney needs to understand that. Because of this, they need to be firm but not rude. However, that doesn’t mean a child custody attorney should lose sight of serving their clients. After all, it’s their main goal.

In addition, it’s important for a child custody attorney to be a skilled negotiator and communicator. One of the factors that the court will consider during a child custody case is the child’s well-being. As a result, a divorce lawyer needs to be able to argue that their client can provide the best life to their son or daughter. This can be difficult, but it’s a child custody attorney’s main job.

Bilingual Family Law Attorney

It can be extremely challenging for a divorce lawyer if they can’t communicate with their clients. As a result, Villalobos and Associates employs a bilingual family law attorney. We believe that everyone deserves equal representation under the law. That’s why we prioritize retaining a bilingual family law attorney and keep two bilingual lawyers on staff. Because of this, you can trust our firm to provide a bilingual family law attorney without sacrificing the quality of our legal services.

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