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The drug war may be on the decline, but that won’t stop police from arresting nonviolent drug offenders. Generally, nonviolent drug offenders aren’t criminal masterminds. In addition, they’re not hardened and callous like violent offenders. But cops keep clogging up jails with nonviolent drug offenders. It’s an unfair system. However, if the police arrested you for a drug crime and you need help, drug lawyers can be your best allies. A drug possession attorney can help you reduce or even dismiss your drug possession charges. And if you’re looking for the best drug attorneys in the Heart of Chicago, Villalobos and Associates can help.

At Villalobos and Associates, we’re more than just your run-of-the-mill drug lawyers. Instead, we strive to be pillars of our community. And we perform that duty the best way we know how: by serving our clients as drug attorneys. Our founder, Raul Villalobos, has served clients as a drug possession attorney in the Heart of Chicago, IL neighborhood for 40 years. If you need a lawyer to help deal with your drug possession charges, Villalobos and Associates has your back.

At Villalobos and Associates, you can count on us to be the best drug lawyers in the Heart of Chicago. In addition, we provide legal services to Lower West Side, Pilson, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Humbolt Park, Ukranian Village, Logan Square, Lake View, Roscoe Village, and Bucktown.

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Drug Attorneys

There are two main kinds of drug charges. First, the police may arrest you with a small amount of an illegal drug. In this case, the court will likely charge you with simple drug possession. These are the least serious types of drug offenses. However, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid hiring drug attorneys to represent you. Instead, you should hire drug lawyers right away. In general, a drug lawyer can negotiate a way for a first-time offender to get away without receiving any drug charge in the first place.

In contrast, if the police arrest you with a larger quantity of drugs, they may charge you with intent to distribute. In this case, the state is accusing you of intending to sell drugs to others, putting you in the same category as drug traffickers and cartel members. The state can still choose to charge you with intent to distribute even if you never planned on selling drugs in the first place. In other words, the court can charge you with drug dealing even if you just have a large stash of drugs for personal use. In this case, hiring drug attorneys is a crucial aspect of your case. That’s because drug lawyers can reduce your charges and keep you out of jail.

Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession charges can be serious. However, if you act quickly and hire the right drug lawyers, they don’t have to be. At Villalobos and Associates, we strive to help our clients mitigate the effects of drug possession charges on their everyday lives. We want to do more than just keep our clients out of jail. We want to help them restart their lives. We want to build a better community. So don’t be ashamed of your drug possession charges. At the end of the day, drug lawyers are your best friends because they can look out for you in a tight spot.

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