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Sexual assault is a serious crime. And it should be. Sex crimes can ruin a victim’s life. However, mistakes can happen, and false accusations can occur. Therefore, if someone is accusing you of a sex crime, it’s crucial that you hire a sexual crime lawyer. A specialized sexual abuse lawyer can assess the facts of your case and form a plan for your case. And if you need a sexual assault lawyer near me in Little Village, there’s only one firm to call.

Villalobos and Associates is a premier sexual assault lawyer in the Little Village area. Our founder, Raul Villalobos, has served clients around Chicago as a skilled and experienced sexual crime lawyer for more than four decades. In addition, he’s spent years building a team that includes another experienced sexual abuse lawyer: his son, Mark. Therefore, if you need to find the best sexual assault lawyer near me, call Villalobos and Associates.

At Villalobos and Associates, we strive to be the best sexual assault lawyer in the Little Village area. In addition, we serve communities from the Heart of Chicago to the Lower West Side. Areas that include Pilson, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Humbolt Park, Ukranian Village, Logan Square, Lake View, Roscoe Village, and Bucktown.

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The state of Illinois takes sex crimes extremely seriously. Sexual assault is also known as rape in Illinois. Some may consider rape to include sexual penetration without consent. However, there’s actually more to it. Generally, any sexual act that one party performs on another party that can’t give consent is also rape. For example, statutory rape occurs when an adult has sex with a minor. To the court, a minor can’t legally consent to sex. In addition, if you use threats of violence to force someone into sex, the court will find you guilty of rape. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of your sexual assault lawyer to keep that from happening.

To do this, a sexual crime lawyer needs to completely understand your case. Therefore, it’s crucial that you never lie to your sexual assault lawyer. In contrast, you always need to tell your sexual crime lawyer the truth, even if you committed a crime. This way, the opposing lawyer can’t blindside your attorney if your case goes to court.

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As a result of sex crimes’ serious and often violent nature, Illinois punishes convicted sex offenders harshly. If the state finds you guilty of a sex crime, your first offense will earn you a Class 1 felony. As a result, you may receive up to 15 years in prison. A second conviction will result in a Class X felony. In this case, you may spend the next 60 years of your life in prison. As you can see, the punishment for sex crimes is extremely severe. Therefore, it’s crucial that your sexual assault lawyer understands the facts of your case.

However, there are some factors a sexual assault lawyer can use as a defense in your case. These defenses can establish your innocence. As a result, the state will find you not guilty. For example, the state will find you not guilty if your sexual abuse lawyer can prove that the victim gave you consent. Additionally, if your sexual abuse lawyer can prove you’re actually innocent, the state will release you. Finally, you may plead insanity in any sexual abuse case.

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At Villalobos and Associates, we pride ourselves in being an excellent sexual assault lawyer near me. As a result, if someone accuses you of a sex crime, call us. We have the experience you need in a sexual assault lawyer. Therefore, we can help keep you out of jail. This won’t go away if you ignore it. Instead, you need to act. Call Villalobos and Associates for the best sexual assault lawyer near me today.

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