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Criminal defense lawyers can handle a lot. In general, criminal defense lawyers have skills that are applicable to any other type of law. As a result, they can generally take care of any legal issue. For example, they can be DUI lawyers to help you beat a drunk driving charge. In contrast, we also work with top-notch civil litigation lawyers. In addition, as immigration lawyers they can help keep you or your loved one from deportation. And compared to other family law lawyers in the area, our team can resolve difficult issues like divorce or child custody cases faster and more reliably. Regardless, if you’re looking for the best legal services in the greater Chicago, IL area, look no further than Villalobos and Associates.

Villalobos and Associates is one of the best general practice firms you’ll find in the Chicago, IL area. We’ve filled our clients’ needs for criminal defense lawyers for more than three decades. As a result, we’re a natural first pick if you need DUI lawyers, civil litigation lawyers, immigration lawyers, or family law attorneys. Contact us to find out how we can help you solve your legal issues.

Villalobos and Associates are top-ranked criminal defense lawyers in the following areas:

  • Little Village, IL
  • Heart of Chicago, IL
  • Lower West Side, IL
  • Pilson, IL
  • Wicker Park, IL
  • Lincoln Park, IL
  • Humbolt Park, IL
  • Ukranian Village, IL
  • Logan Square, IL
  • Lake View, IL
  • Roscoe Village, IL
  • Bucktown, IL

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Lawyers for speeding tickets, DUIs, and more.

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Face family law issues with a trusted team.

Sexual assault is a serious crime. And it should be. Sex crimes can ruin a victim’s life. However, mistakes can happen, and false accusations can occur.

The drug war may be on the decline, but that won’t stop police from arresting nonviolent drug offenders. Generally, nonviolent drug offenders aren’t criminal masterminds.

Violent crimes are some of the most serious accusations someone can make. Additionally, if the state is accusing you of a violent crime, you may feel serious repercussions including a lifetime spent in jail.

Theft is one of the most common criminal offenses that people commit. And sometimes, those people get caught. As a result, there’s a need in any major city for a good theft lawyer.

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The Second Amendment of the US Constitution gives all Americans the right to bear arms. However, the country has changed since that was written.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you need to hire a DUI attorney. But it can be hard to find the best “DUI attorneys near me.”

America is a nation founded by immigrants. It’s a country where our differences make us stronger together. However, becoming a citizen is difficult today. 

Differed action is a legal concept that has existed since the 1950s. It’s a type of resident status, similar to a green card or visa. However, differed action is much more limited in its scope.

If you want to get into the US for any reason, you’re going to need a visa. You can apply for a visa for any number of reasons. It is possible to apply for a visa by yourself.

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Dealing with legal situations is stressful and sometimes frightening. You shouldn’t have to try and face these problems alone. Whether you need assistance with family law, criminal defense, DUI defense, or more, we’ve got you covered.

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Raul Villalobos


Raul Villalobos founded Villalobos and Associates in order to give Chicago residents quality representation. Together with his son Mark, he aims to help individuals with many different aspects of the law.

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At Villalobos and Associates, we’ve been in the legal field for decades. Our experienced team has helped with everything from criminal defense to immigration. We’re skilled, compassionate, and ready to take on any case that comes our way.

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"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."

Thomas Jefferson (1788)

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With over 30 years of experience, Villalobos and Associates is more than prepared to help with all your legal needs. We serve the Chicago area and provide services for criminal defense, family law, and more. Everyone deserves to have passionate legal representation—and we’re happy to provide it.

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